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Mexico Oasis Hotels & Resorts

Cancun is a hotly competitive market for all-inclusive resorts, but Oasis Hotels & Resorts has carved out a niche by remaining compact, focused, local and diversified – and committed to the travel agent community.

In all, Oasis has eight all-inclusive resorts in Cancun and nearby Tulum, as well as two urban hotels in downtown Cancun. Enrique Klein, vice president-sales and marketing, said the group has managed to stay competitive over its 22-year history by “staying on top of market conditions and customer preferences by reading and addressing what the customer is looking for in vacation travel.”

For Oasis, diversity is a priority. Properties are tiered by price, concept and target markets. The Pyramid, set within the confines of the Grand Oasis Cancun, is the most luxurious, reflected in its restaurants, amenities and quality of furnishings. A notch below that are the Grand Oasis properties and then Oasis. The recently introduced Oasis Lite category includes two property offerings, said Klein, with “great amenities and services at great price points.” And, typical of Oasis’ efforts to leverage the proximity of its resorts to one another, the Lite properties are nearby “sisters” to Grand Oasis resorts, so that guests on a budget can enjoy many of the amenities and services of the more upscale options.

The two urban hotels – Smart Cancun by Oasis and Oh! The Urban Oasis – also offer contrasting styles and price points. Oh! The Urban Oasis “is more upscale, but the [two] hotels are connected by a walkway,” said Klein. “Both are great for business travel, but we also find leisure travelers coming who want to be where the action is.”

Cancun’s Grand Oasis Sens, a resort for guests 21 and older, provides amenities like large terraces, personal plunge pools and a beach club.

The Grand Oasis Palm and sister resort Oasis Palm focus on welcoming children. They share a 50,000-squarefoot children’s area packed with age-appropriate activities. Parents can stay with their kids or, if they wish to play golf or enjoy a spa treatment, have them supervised. All beach resorts offer a “Kids Eat and Play Free” program for children 12 and younger when staying with two adults. The brand’s off-the-beaten-path resorts, Grand Oasis Tulum and Oasis Tulum Lite, now feature a new KiddO Zone and renovated Kids Club.

All the resorts place a premium on entertainment, but that offering is highest at The Pyramid and Grand Oasis Cancun, which hosts well-known performers like disco queen Gloria Gaynor and such rock legends as Kool and the Gang.

Oasis also aims to distinguish itself with innovative programs and amenities. For instance, the group shares a fleet of 250 Smart cars available for rent at a nominal fee. Those cars come in handy when guests take advantage of Oasis’ Grand Runaway Program, which enables them to patronize 50 restaurants and bars at sister properties. “It’s important to note that TripAdvisor lists two or three of our restaurants in its top 10 for Cancun,” said Klein. “We are very serious about our cuisine, with concepts like dining in the dark, different ethnic restaurants and so forth.”

Looking ahead, Klein said that while Oasis is open to expansion, “we have our hotels at a place right now that is really appealing to agents and customers and at the cutting edge of where the product should be.” He added, “We have invested over $100 million in the past few years in rooms, restaurants and bars, entertainment and back-of-the-house improvements. We now offer almost 3,200 rooms – a full 10 percent of the available rooms in Cancun and that gives us a lot of brand equity.”


To help travel advisors more seamlessly sell and market its resorts, Oasis recently relaunched its agent platform. “We have created a platform to provide agents with anything they need to sell the hotels and be knowledgeable,” said Enrique Klein, vice president-sales and marketing.

The site offers streamlined training programs, generous rewards and simplified tools that enable travel professionals to easily navigate Oasis’ offerings. Agents who register can access Oasis’ higher commissions and other rewards, view all consumer offers, discover perks for group bookings and book fam trips with special year-round rates.

Agents can also download marketing resources like brochures, resort fact sheets, videos, customizable flyers and more; and even book stays directly. The certification program provides a comprehensive overview of everything Oasis offers so agents can feel confident when selling the product.

The site is part of Oasis’ stepped-up effort to reach agents, which includes a fam program that invites agents to visit four resorts on a complimentary basis for up to five nights. Those staying four or five nights can stay at two resorts of their choice and will be asked to complete three site inspections. Agents staying for three nights receive accommodations at one property; they need to complete one site inspection at their home resort and do a site visit at a second one. Agents can book fams from April 17 through June 30.